Our first babies were born at 34 weeks. It is not uncommon for 34 weekers to have difficulty feeding because they have yet to develop the suck, swallow, breathe reflex.

The twins were fed via IV, then feeding tubes, and finally we began “nippling” in the NICU.

We started with bottles first for a number of reasons and eventually the breast. I was hesitant to use any artificial nipples for fear of nipple confusion and flow preference but we needed our babies to eat and grow and so we got them taking bottles and then we slowly introduced the breast.

Even after I was able to nurse our daughter, there were challenges with our son and I ended up doing a combination of nursing and pumping for my babies for 15 months.

We used Dr. Brown’s the entire time. Heres why….

Dr. Brown’s bottles are made of BPA-free polypropylene plastic or BPA-free borosilicate glass. All components of Dr. Brown’s bottles, including the vent insert, vent reservoir, travel disk, nipple collar, and cap are also BPA-free. The nipples are made of medical-grade silicone. They even have Preemie flow nipples which were wonderful for our tiny babies. They are durable, easy to clean, and worked well for paced bottle feeding. Also, my daughter never had any problem going from breast to bottle which was a relief.

Pro tip: If you are feeding your baby expressed breast milk, Dr. Brown’s narrow neck bottles fit directly onto Medela Pumps (and several others) which is amazingly convenient and something I wish I would’ve known sooner, I  could have saved so much time and spillage transferring milk from one container into another.

As I said in my previous post, breastfeeding doesn’t always look like we think it “should” or hoped it would. I wasn’t able to nurse my son but I was able to hold him close and give him his mama’s milk in a Dr. Brown’s bottle.



TL;DR We like Dr. Brown’s.



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