I LOVE babywearing, but the search for the best baby carrier was a struggle. I love keeping my babies close. I love having both hands free for cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and my other children. I love being able to easily and discreetly nurse my babies while I am wearing them.

Babywearing has truly been one of my most treasured and enjoyable experiences as a mother.

I tried many different types and brands of carriers with the twins- sometimes in combination with one another, but when I found Tula carriers I was hooked.

Tula carriers are ergonomic (provide an M position seat for optimal positioning and development of baby), can be worn in front or back, are made of machine washable and breathable fabric, and they have the CUTEST prints hands down!

The Free-to-Grow Carrier wasn’t available when I was wearing the twins but we purchased one for the baby and it has been our go-to carrier since very early on. The panel adjusts in three width settings and two height settings to allow for an ergonomic snug position as your baby grows, and GAME CHANGER, it can be used from 7-45lb without an infant insert!  I could legit wear my 5-year-old son if I wanted to. Incredible!

I understand that babywearing can feel intimidating to new moms but Tula makes it easy. Just buckle up and go!

Here are some great resources about the benefits of babywearing and how to find a BWI (Babywearing International) chapter in your area. 

I have loved attending meetings, trying on different carriers, and chatting with other babywearing moms in my community.

TL;DR The Free-to-Grow Tula is the only carrier you will ever need!



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