What is the best children’s movie of 2018?

The correct answer is still Moana.

A+ music.  A+ story.  A+ cast.  Not too heavy…not too preachy…never too sad.

Also…Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson at the absolute peak of his power and likability.  Lin-Manuel Miranda at his peak.

If you cry, it’s from beauty, not because someone died.  (actually…Spoiler, her grandma dies off-screen early on, and you might cry, but it will be from the soaring beauty and power of the scene and music…not because its some sad Bambi or Fox and the Hound stuff.)

If you’ve not seen, it,  you’re really missing out on something for the whole family…This is a film my husband puts alongside Raiders of the Lost Ark, Empire Strikes Back and Goodfellas on his short list of best films of all time.  Quite simply put, Moana, is Disney perfected.

Watch it ASAP.

“Moana makes Tangled feel like one of many experiments at tinkering with the formula, getting it exactly right. All the beats proceed exactly as expected, but they hit with admirably precise timing, amid a strikingly beautiful landscape where every leaf is rendered with loving clarity. The humor, the wonder, and the awwww moments all hit home comfortably. This is such a perfect execution of the Disney formula, it feels like the movie the studio has been trying to make since Snow White.”

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