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Starting solids is such a fun and exciting milestone for mom and baby. I love making homemade baby food and sharing mealtime with my children. I have about a gazillion photos of the each of them and their highchairs covered in sweet potato puree, avocado and banana mash, spaghetti squash, yogurt etc.

I love watching them explore the various taste and textures. Eating in the first year is much more about the sensory experience for babies than it is the nutrients; as breastmilk and/or formula should be meeting all of their caloric and nutritional needs.

71PS35wgNFL._SY550_“Food before one is just for fun” as the saying goes, and we have a lot of fun; mixing, pouring, splatting, and tasting!

We’ve also had A LOT of mess. With the twins, we had two babies (obviously), in two fabric covered highchairs and the washing of the fabric felt neverending. It was also very hard to remove the covers and even more difficult to put them back on.

When Baby #3 was ready to start solids I knew I couldn’t fight with those fabric covers again and I found the 4Moms Highchair!

I was immediately drawn to the sleek and inconspicuous design and obvious quality.  We’ve been using ours daily now for about 10 months and we are really happy with it.

The one-handed magnetic tray is awesome, I can easily get my baby in and out.  The tray position and height are adjustable, the tray liner is dishwasher safe, and best of all, it’s super easy to clean because there is NO FABRIC! There is a soft foam insert (also removable) which acts as a cushion so it is really comfortable for baby.

It does not fold which may be an issue for some, but it really doesn’t take up much space compared to our old chairs. I really love it!

TL;DR The 4Moms Highchair gets my vote.

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